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The Best Basketball Shoes For People With Wide Feet

The Best Basketball Shoes For People With Wide Feet

If you are someone who has wide feet, then you would know the pain of trying to find shoes that would fit your feet. Since the person has wide feet, shoes would fit them, but I am sure that they would be terrible pain after a few hours of wearing them. Since I am someone who has pretty wide feet, and since I am a basketball player, I had some trouble finding really good shoes that were just comfortable and ones that would be good enough to easily support my feet no matter what. If you happen to be an individual who has an interest in all things related to basketball, check this out. The site ballersguide.net will surely have everything that you are looking for.

As a basketball player, you must be really vigilant, and you must think a lot before you select which shoes you choose because these are the shoes that will support your feet and these are the ones that will cushion your feet when they come back to the ground. They are also the things that will protect your legs from a lot of injuries that could be inflicted on your feet in the fast game of basketball. You should know that not all basketball shoes would be good for you if you have wide feet. You should think about what position you play and then choose a good pair of shoes relating to that. I have provided a list of some of the best basketball shoes for people with wide feet, do take a look and make a choice. I am sure that you will be happy with whatever choice you make.

–    Jordan Men’s Air XXXI has been deemed the best shoes for individuals with, particularly wide feet. They also deliver a great response and also have enhanced levels of cushioning, which will help you keep you comfortable during any intense games. You can even use them as running shoes.

–    Nike LeBron XIII basketball shoes have so many features that make it a great choice when compared to so many other ones on the market. They are high top, and they also have a lightweight construction with also a rubber sole, and you can certainly be happy about that sole because it certainly has a great grip and will be of great service to you on all kinds of terrain. It also has good ventilation, so your feet will not be stuck in there without any air.

great grip

–    Under Armour, as a brand has proven itself to be a spectacular one at that when it comes to sports-related products. You WILL be happy with your purchase, no matter what.

If you are interested in buying cheap and affordable basketball shoes, visit this link: https://ballersguide.net/best-basketball-shoe-reviews/cheap/

How to Play Volleyball?

Volleyball is a game played by two teams each consisting of six players each. In this game, players use their hands to hit the ball to each other and to opponents on the other side of the net and prevent the ball from touching their court surface but touching their opponent’s court surface before they can send it back.

Most importantly, in this game, a team is allowed only 3 touches before volleying the ball to the opponents half in an attempt of tactically tricking them and scoring a point by making the ball hit their court surface.

Where is Volleyball played?

Volleyball can be played outdoors or indoors. It is played on a smooth-surface court,30 feet wide by 60 feet long, divided into two equal courts.  Players are not supposed to step beyond the centreline while the ball is in play. A tight net is placed just above the centreline. The standard net heights are 7.4 feet for women and 8 feet for men. The ball used in this game should be around 260-280 grams and inflated to around 25.6 inches in circumference.

A special service area, usually 3 meters long is clearly marked outside and behind the right one-third of each court boundary. Additionally, for volleyball to be played indoors, a clear area above the court at least 8 meters high is required to allow the ball to be played without interference.

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How is volleyball played?

For beginner volleyball players, here are some of the drills you should apply:


This special game begins with a service. This means for you to win a volleyball game, the most important part is the service. To become a good server, you must practice the drill at least 400 times a day. This helps you build stamina and confidence. In a volleyball team, at least 2 players should be well trained on the same. Nevertheless, all teammates should be well acquainted with the drill in case the key servers are exhausted or not available.

2)Toss and Run

The toss relies also on o the height of the player. Remember, to serve well, the player must have an excellent toss. After the toss, one should have a great run to pick momentum when they make contact with the ball in the court. This means one must be very fast to get back to their position after making the toss.

3)Jump and Hit

This is the next drill after the toss and run. Hitting the ball well is most crucial. You have to work on your jump according to your toss and run so they can be done perfectly together. Remember, this is why tall servers are more favorable because their services come from a perfect height.

4)Jumping near the net for blocking

Touching the net leads to automatic loss of points. However, you must jump to block the opponents from spiking the ball hard to your court surface. You must be very cautious not to cost your team important points.

5)Passing the ball

In volleyball, you must train yourself to pass the ball properly to your partner. You should put your hands together so as to gently toss the ball in front of your partner so they can smash it appropriately.

Remember, the placement of the service is also crucial in this game so it wouldn’t be very advisable for the service to go directly to the opposing team’s half. You must know how to serve in gaps to cause issues for the opponents.


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